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Directly Action Consumer Insights
How It Works

We gather first party consumer insights across channels allowing you to transcend the retailer and meet the consumer wherever they are.


Set Your Objective

Use our platform to meet your KPIs, such as increased sales volume, increased household penetration and more.


Set Target Cost Per Sale

Predetermine ROI by setting an average cost per sale to meet your goals.


Measure and Attribute

Redemption data that includes age, gender and retailer split. We also employ statistically rigorous methodology to help you understand how your offer peforms verus a control group.

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Our blogs

Food Products & Consumer Brand Loyalty of Irish Consumers [2023]

Exploring survey results conducted by ProMotion Rewards to understand consumer loyalty towards food brands....

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Why Honesty, Humility, and Agility Will Make or Break Brands in this Inflation Crisis

The latest CPI figures revealed the current state of inflation - how can brands reach the masses of price-conscious, cost-saving consumers in the down...

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Not just another article about purpose.

When purpose is not just an afterthought, and is actually engrained into how a business operates, it contributes to the growth of the business....

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