Privacy policy.

Consumer privacy is

We ensure consumer privacy is protected, by aggregating anonymised data, and using it to analyse shopping behaviours.

How we collect data.

We collect data from consumer shopping receipts, voluntarily submitted by consumers, in exchange for rewards. From this, we gather unique shopping insights across all retail channels, and can create behaviour-based profiles on consumers to predict purchase behaviours. We cannot identify individuals from our data, and take pride in the data ethics we employ, while also providing very useful insights to our clients.

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Data ethics at our core.

Data ethics guide every decision we make from a data aggregation and analytics perspective in our company. Our mission is to create consumer intelligence with purpose, by allowing consumers to have full autonomy over their data, and to create their own value from it, directly.

Brands need to learn about consumers to stay agile and ahead of the market, and the best way for them to do so, is to have access to first-party consumer insights from across the market. By providing a platform for consumers to provide this insight, ultimately they will be better served by the brands they know and love.

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One of our core values at Promotion Rewards is honesty, and transparency, and this is seen in everything we do.

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