Use Purchase Data To Target Effectively.

Smart Offers For Even Smarter Brands.

Using verified purchase data to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of promotional spend. Brands can tailor their approach to meet consumers where they are with the right offer at the right time.

100% Performance-Based.

Our pay-per-sale model means you only pay for verified sales of your products!

Gain 360-degree visibility of your brands in a way that fosters consumer loyalty, and drives brand growth. Learn more about your customers, win new ones and achieve an attributable return on investment.


Competitive Targeting

Engage and convert consumers who buy competing products with compelling offers.


New-Customer Reach

Target lapsed, adjacent, or new shoppers. Meet the consumer where they are on the purchase journey.


New Product Trial

Deliver targeted rewards on new products, offering up to 100% of purchase price back in rewards points.


Increase Basket Size

Incentivise shoppers who have purchased a brand with offers on 2+ items on their next visit(s)

Why partner with us?

Our partners can leverage our direct-to-consumer relationships, to build and maintain 1:1 connections. Through the scanning of receipts, brands can reward and connect to their customers, regardless of where they buy. In a closed loop environment, you can deliver offers to consumers shopping with your competitors, to drive conversion, and in turn, brand loyalty.

As a brand partner you will have a complete view of aggregated item-level purchase data, through a simple-to-use consumer intelligence platform. Access insights on-demand and make business decisions with confidence.

Forward-thinking CPGs Leading The Way.

Young woman in fruit aisle with trolley.


Long-Tail Targeting

Drive efficiency with promotions by targeting the long-tail of consumers to grow your brand reach.



Drive loyalty to your brand by offering savings on your brand regardless of the retailer.


Consumer Profiling

Understand the profile of consumers engaging with your promotions.

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