3 Marketing Strategies You Need to Adopt in 2023

12th Jul 2023 2 mins read

Here are three things you need to do (that you probably aren’t) while marketing to potential consumers in 2023:

🛍Creating Custom Offers
With ProMotion Rewards’ one-of-its-kind algorithm, you get to optimise for spend efficiency, targeting the right people for your brand with the right offer. Custom offers at scale - made super easy! A win-win for the brand and the customers!

☝️Driving Definite Behaviours
Turn your KPIs into rewardable actions performed by your target base using ProMotion Rewards’ platform that highlights your brand only to users who’d love to be your customer as much as you’d love to serve them

💬Unlocking Uninterrupted Answers
Your unique products deserve their own unique research! With our surveys, you unlock answers coming directly from a highly responsive user base targeted based on what they buy everyday, so you never have to rely on guesswork again.

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