About us!

In 2022, ProMotion Rewards emerged as a game-changer in offline marketing, trade spend, and user rewards. Founded by pharmacists Lauren O’Reilly and Bidemi Afolabi, they fused their scientific and research insights to tap into the power of consumer intelligence. Major retail pharmacy chains began to see the goldmine in data through loyalty programmes. On the frontline, Lauren and Bidemi observed a profound truth: consumers genuinely felt valued when rewarded for their loyalty.

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Bidemi Afolabi

(Co-Founder, CEO)

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Lauren O’Reilly

(Co-Founder, COO)

ProMotion Rewards recognized the pivotal role of user rewards and ROI in the market. Receipt data became their focal point, offering granular insights into consumer buying patterns. Lauren and Bidemi, equipped with this data, initiated a customized reward system, directly linking consumer purchases to tailored rewards, enhancing user engagement and loyalty. This precision in offering personalized rewards was not just a strategy to enhance customer satisfaction but a robust methodology to optimize trade spend. Every reward issued echoed the company’s commitment to value, validated by real-time data insights extracted from every transaction, making every reward an investment yielding measurable returns.

Our purpose.

ProMotion Rewards was conceived to revolutionize the user rewards landscape. Amidst an era where consumers often felt overshadowed by 'big tech' and commodified by data monopolies, Lauren and Bidemi envisioned a more balanced relationship. Their goal was to craft a system where every piece of data shared by the consumer translated directly into tangible, personalized rewards. By doing so, they sought to establish a genuine, value-driven exchange, ensuring that consumers didn't just feel like data points, but valued partners in this symbiotic relationship.

They set out to ensure that wherever value was created, value was received in return, and by putting consumers in charge of the data they choose to share and rewarding them for it, created a data democracy. ProMotion Rewards is Consumer Intelligence, with purpose.

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Our achievements.

Since being founded in 2022, ProMotion Rewards has been fortunate to be the recipient of a
number of prestigious awards.

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