Food Products & Consumer Brand Loyalty of Irish Consumers [2023]

29th Mar 2023 3 mins read

ProMotion Scoops are brought to you through surveys conducted on our app ProMotion Rewards and aims to give an insight into consumer behaviour. This week's theme is consumer loyalty towards food-product brands, repurchase intentions, tendency to switch brands, and key motivators behind purchases

We found that:

⏺ 47.1% of the respondents indicated that price is the most important factor for them when purchasing food products.
While brand loyalty is important for companies, it is clear that consumers are primarily motivated by price and quality when it comes to food products

⏺ 91.6% of the respondents have switched to a different brand of food products because of an increase in the price of their preferred brand.
This demonstrates the importance of price as a motivator for consumers and highlights the need for businesses to provide competitive and unique pricing structures in order to attract customers.

⏺ Only 15.7% always consider the brand when purchasing food products.
This highlights the importance of building brand loyalty through other means, such as rewards and offers.



ProMotion Rewards is a company that specialises in providing brands with unique and engaging ways to build brand loyalty, attract and retain customers.

By offering points, and conducting nuanced surveys DIRECTLY with a brand’s pre-existing and/or target consumers base ProMotion Rewards is helping brands build unique discount and incentive structures with the power of zero party data. This can be particularly effective in the food industry, where price is a key motivator for consumers.

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