About us!

ProMotion Rewards was founded in 2021 by two Pharmacists, Lauren O’Reilly and Bidemi Afolabi. Having scientific and research-based backgrounds, they could clearly see how valuable consumer intelligence was to the leading retail pharmacy chains, and how data was being gathered via loyalty programmes. Meanwhile, when working in pharmacies, and interacting directly with consumers, they realised how valued consumers felt when their loyalty earned them rewards.

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Bidemi Afolabi

(Co-Founder, CEO)

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Lauren O’Reilly

(Co-Founder, COO)

They found that the solutions for consumer insight being provided to Consumer Product Goods companies were frustratingly sub-standard in the data-driven environment we live in today. Consumer insight needed to be centralised, and easily accessible to CPG companies. An industry filled with consultancy and project work needed to be disrupted. Decisions based on assumptions don’t carry across the market, and true, actionable consumer insights are required to have an edge in consumer-facing industries. This led the two scientists to studying the value of the humble receipt. They decided to turn these transactional insights into a comprehensive, real-time, consumer intelligence platform, used to answer pertinent brand questions.

Our purpose.

ProMotion Intelligence was born to drive change in the way consumer intelligence is approached. With consumers growing tired of feeling like they exist in a data dictatorship, surrounded by ‘big tech’, the founders wanted to create an equitable exchange of value between businesses and consumers.

They set out to ensure that wherever value was created, value was received in return, and by putting consumers in charge of the data they choose to share and rewarding them for it, created a data democracy. ProMotion Rewards is Consumer Intelligence, with purpose.

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Our achievements.

Since being founded in 2021, ProMotion Rewards has been fortunate to be the recipient of a
number of prestigious awards.

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