Supermarket choices of Irish Consumers [2023]

23rd May 2023 3 mins read

Every product has different needs, just like every consumer. With several supermarket chains operating in Ireland, each with its unique brand identity and product offering, it can be challenging for brands to maximise their mental and physical availability at the right place and time. 

Hence, we have this month's ProMotion Scoops running to the rescue!

We asked our users which supermarket is their go-to while buying different categories of items and here’s what we found:

Dairy & Eggs
26.8% of respondents indicated Dunnes Stores as their first choice for dairy and eggs.

Meat & Poultry
Dunnes Stores also comes out on top as the most preferred supermarket for buying meat and poultry, with 23.4% of respondents choosing it.

Packagedd Goods
25.7% of respondents picked Aldi to buy packaged goods over the other options.

Household & Cleaning
Lidl is the most preferred supermarket for buying household and cleaning items, with 23.4% of respondents choosing it.

Health & Beauty
Tesco and Dunnes Stores are preferred by 24.5%  and 24.2%  respectively when it comes to health and beauty products

Frozen Food
29.4% of respondents chose Aldi as their preferred shop to buy frozen items.



The results above indicate the potential contribution to sales in each category from various supermarkets. So if your brand provides products in any of the above mentioned categories, you know where to prioritise shelf space, promotional offers, and other marketing strategies & pricing incentives. 

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