Affordability & Accessibility of Healthy Foods in the Irish Market [2023]

26th Apr 2023 3 mins read

If your brand has a healthy-food range, this week’s ProMotion Scoops are JUST for you! 🚀

We conducted a survey on our app ProMotion Rewards which aims to give an insight into consumer perception and behaviour regarding accessibility and affordability of healthy food options in the Irish market.

We found that:
⏺ 89.7% perceive healthier food options as more expensive than their less healthy counterparts.

⏺ 74.2% admitted to avoiding buying healthy food options due to their higher price.

⏺ 83.1% of respondents would be more likely to buy a healthier food option if it had a promotional offer despite a higher price.

The results clearly indicate that there is a perception among consumers that healthier foods are higher in price, which has led to the avoidance of buying healthy food options. Brands with a healthy food range would hence, highly benefit from an improved pricing strategy to get an advantage over their competition.

ProMotion Rewards is a company that specialises in providing brands with data about and directly from their consumers, which can then help in re-strategizing solutions to build a wider consumer base and drive sales.

With a unique incentive structure - ProMotion Rewards lets its users get rewards on the products of our partner brands without the brands having to reduce their retail prices. A win win for both!

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